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One of the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, Royal Enfield is renowned for its timeless classic appearance and extensive history spanning more than a century.


Royal Enfield Dealership Requirements

Space Needs
Space Needs

The primary work area, a customer lounge, a bike parking area, an office, and a section for displaying motorcycles and other relevant items are all included in a typical Royal Enfield service centre. In order to accommodate all of these important amenities, the necessary space must be at least 4000 square feet. Apply Now


The price to open a Royal Enfield franchise varies depending on where the centre is located. A lump sum payment of INR 50 Lakhs to INR 1 Crore will be needed to launch a Royal Enfield franchise dealership, excluding variations in land costs. In addition to the above-mentioned expenses, a Franchise Fee of approximately INR 1 Lakh would also be applicable. Apply Now

Training Programs

To help newcomers to the industry with advice and guidance on the ins and outs of operating a franchise, Royal Enfield has established a number of support groups. Knowledge on inquiries, stock, branding, and customer service is part of this training and assistance programme. Additionally, they provide marketing assistance to help new business owners get their venture off the ground and turn a profit more quickly. Apply Now


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Royal Enfield stands as an iconic name in the world of motorcycles, boasting a rich history dating back to 1893. Originating in the UK and now headquartered in India, Royal Enfield has cemented its reputation for crafting classic-styled bikes that marry vintage charm with modern. Read More...

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Originally Answered: Why are Royal Enfield bikes expensive?
1.RE want to market it as a premium classic motorcycle .
2. all metal construction ,hand painted tank etc add to the cost.

For comparison, a normal Royal Enfield 350 1,30,000 will still sell for Rs. 1 lakh after five years of proper usage and upkeep. Prices for REs with a cast iron engine block increase even further, often topping the motorcycle's purchase price.

dependable and fashionable. A Royal Enfield motorcycle is sure to be strong and long-lasting, regardless of the model you choose. Royal Enfield bikes are fantastic for any cause because of their classic elegance and modern conveniences.

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